About me

    I am Madalina Andronic, an illustrator and maker of ceramic tableware and accessories. Inspired by nature, naive imagery and magic, I love creating custom made, hand painted porcelain objects for individuals and homes. Passionate about delicate, yet bold and distinctive decoration painted on the slightly irregular shapes of milky stoneware, I believe that life as a wonderful dream comes from tiny, daily gestures, felt and tasted from warm, beautiful objects, therefore I make my ceramic pieces a special, delightful experience for any heart and space.

    For my first collection I created an essential set of tableware items such as snack bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls, small and large cups, platters and fruit pots. The basic color palette consists of red, green and blue tones, with various shades, intensities and levels of transparency. This allows you to mix and match the tableware items, creating either modern, contrasting sets or elegant, one-color ensembles. Given that each porcelain piece is carefully hand-crafted through several steps (pouring, finishing, firing, decorating, glazing, then ultimately firing again), the slight irregularities in shape and decoration from one piece to another only adds to the uniqueness of each encounter with my objects.

    The local, small-scale production allows me to be intimately involved in the making process, therefore without exception, each and every one of my Madalina Andronic Ceramics products bears the signature of quality and beauty.